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KVRD's FIRST Skate School Begins!

Wednesday evening saw several new faces arriving at the Augusta Armory.

Kennebec Valley Roller Derby, Maine's newest roller derby league, began their first ever session of Skate School this past Wednesday. After a few weeks of advertising and hosting a meet and greet, the day finally arrived for Skate School to commence. KVRD's Vice President, Daisy Cutter was pleased by the number of new faces that turned out for the 8-week class.

"I couldn't believe the large turn out of skaters. Everyone hit the floor already able to stand up and skate! Excited to see where KVRD is in 6 months."

With more than 20 new skaters enrolled in Skate School, KVRD is excited to see the upcoming growth of the league as a whole. With so many skaters attending, the training staff is prepared to work with skaters of varying skill levels to ensure that each skater is able to progress at their own pace.

Skate School runs for 8-week sessions. Skaters who graduate from Skate School are invited to join Derby Basic, where they will learn the skills needed to play roller derby in scrimmages and bouts. For more info on how to join, visit our website.

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