KVRD Starts Strong in 2020

Kennebec Valley Roller Derby is rolling into the new year ready for success!

The second session of Skate School started earlier this month. Boasting more than 20 new students, KVRD is growing at a rapid rate! In Skate School, the students are learning how to perform the essential footwork skills that skaters use during game play. The atmosphere is structured, encouraging, and most importantly - FUN! At the end of the 8-week session, students will participate in an assessment, and those who make the grade will be eligible to graduate to our Derby Basic program.

Speaking of which, at the end of last year KVRD saw nine skaters graduate into the Derby Basic program. These skaters will pilot the program, as we teach them all they need to know about playing this wonderful sport. Now that they're comfortable on skates, they're learning to hit opponents, assist their teammates, and strategies surrounding the game. Twice-a-week practices are pushing them in their journey, and helping to mold our future athletes.

"It's been so exciting to see how quickly this league has grown and our skaters have progressed. I'm proud to be a part of such a dynamic group of amazing people!" says KVRD's Head Trainer and League President, Dinah Fire.

Kennebec Valley Roller Derby already has two away bouts scheduled for 2020 - one in Northern Maine and one in New Hampshire! The travel team is actively preparing for competition throughout the growth, and looking forward to a challenging and fun season. Stay tuned for more info on our upcoming Home Season!

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