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MDJ | Introducing: Jan Drogynous

I'm Jan Drogynous. I'm 31 years old and I live in Rockport with my husband and our eight pets. I have been involved with roller derby since May 2019. I first learned about roller derby through a Facebook event post. I decided to show up to a "roller derby 101" program in my town at the very last minute. It didn't take long for me to get hooked on skating and learning derby skills. I found Kennebec Valley Roller Derby in September 2019 and sat in on the league's very first practice as a visitor. I knew then that I wanted to call KVRD my skating home. My first official day as a KVRD member was the first day of the very first Skate School: October 9th, 2019. Skate School was a wonderfully empowering experience. I enjoyed meeting so many new people, working on my skating skills, and helping to encourage others. I was thrilled and incredibly proud when I passed my first round of skating assessments on December 18th, and was able to move into the Derby Basic program. Derby Basic began after the league took a short winter break. It has proven to be a bit more difficult for me, as a skater. While I'm still excited and eager to continue on my derby journey, I'm more apprehensive than I expected about learning to hit, and to be hit, on the track. I'm still doing my best to try, but physical illness and injury have also kept me from peak performance this winter. I look forward to feeling better and continuing to make progress soon!


Jan Drogynous

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