MDJ | Introducing: Kenzie Killjoy

Hi, my name is Mackenzie or Kenzie Killjoy!  I'm 23 years old, I live in Belfast with my fiancé and our two kids, I work for athenahealth and I've been a part of the derby scene since January 2019. The team I started with had their practices in the gymnasium of the fitness center I was working out in, and I figured, "I'm already here when they are, might as well give it a go." It was the best decision of my life. 

A few months after I got acquainted with the wonderful, scary and wild world of roller derby, a new league was started in Augusta. With the few shaky skills and experience I had under my belt, I enrolled in the first iteration of Skate School with Kennebec Valley Roller Derby in September. I was so excited to meet new people and learn from skaters I had admired for so long. I was SO ready for this next step in my skating career.

However, I was traveling all over the country for work, I missed more half of the practices and was not working on cross training outside of practice hours. As a result, my already questionable skills were not improving, and come the end of skate school I failed the assessment needed to get into Derby Basic by just SIX points.

 While I was momentarily discouraged, I dusted myself off, enrolled in the second Skate School class and have really put the pedal to the metal on developing my skills as a skater. My assessment showed me what I really needed to drill into to get to that next level. 

Roller derby has all kinds of ups and downs for me, but I have taken every opportunity to grow as a person, on and off skates. I have met such incredible people, and I am so lucky to call my team mates my friends. I would not be where I am without the support and encouragement that I get from every person on the team.


xo, Kenzie Killjoy 

Ps come skate with me <3

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