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Week six of Skate School was challenging yet fun! We worked more on transitions and toe stops and did some races between different levels of skaters. Watching videos of the different

groups made me realize how far I’ve come, yet how far I still need to go. Lack of confidence hinders me at times so that’s something I really need to work on. In addition, when I get tired

towards the end of practice, I start overthinking things and will struggle with drills that were going smoothly earlier. Roller derby is as much a mental sport as it is physical!

A new drill we added in week six was the cone slalom. There are ten cones spaced three feet apart and you weave through the cones. The goal is to complete the slalom within six seconds,

which is a benchmark to pass out of Derby Basics. My time is rather slow, but I’m definitely improving and did better than I did during my first round of Skate School. The slalom is another

drill where there are multiple components that need to work cohesively in order to complete it effectively, such as speed, weight distribution, and skate placement.

Another fun drill we did was an obstacle course where we practiced toe walking, cone slalom, one-footed glides, crossovers, stops, and hopping. I fell a few times while hopping, but always fell forward, and eventually got my bearings so I was jumping with ease. I’m sure someday it won’t take warm-up falls to get in the groove of jumping.

It’s incredible how I can feel so challenged and tired yet feel encouraged and optimistic at the same time about my roller derby future. Like I said last week, I’m loving this sport more and more every time I practice!

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