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Skate School Round 2 is winding down and assessments are just a couple of weeks away. I am nervous but excited! I am confident I will do well but there are a couple of things I still need to work on before I’m at my best. Practice, practice, PRACTICE!

At the last practice, we worked on skating backwards, which was quite fun! It’s not a skill that’s on assessments, but it’s important regardless since we’ll need to skate comfortably in both directions.

We also practiced the cone slaloms more (I need to make a correction to my previous post: there are 10 cones spaced 5 feet apart, not 3 feet). I still struggle a bit with this drill but am getting better each time. It’s a lack of confidence that gets me so the more I practice, the better I’ll be.

Finally, we completed the dreaded 27-in-5 test, which is attempting to skate 27 laps within 5 minutes. When I first completed this test back in October, I skated 16 laps. I am now up to 21 laps but haven’t progressed since we last tested a month ago. My legs and back don’t get nearly as tired as they used to, so I know I just need to make adjustments to how I’m utilizing the track and making sure I do CROSSOVERS (the bane of my existence).


Stay weird, my friends!


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