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As I write this, I am tired and sore, yet exceptionally happy. Our most recent practice was a combined group of all levels. To accommodate the varying skill levels, we played several games

to get us to work together, incorporate skills, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

We kicked off the evening with a different kind of derby competition: hobby horse racing and jumping! Yes, hobby horses! Our very own Gott Damn (and others) crafted custom hobby

horses (in KVRD colors) to incorporate into practice just to have fun. The whole point of roller derby, in my opinion, is to have fun. This was a great way to break up the usual drills.

Another game we played was a version of dodgeball. One person stood in the center of 4 cones (on skates) while 2 other people passed a soft ball back and forth attempting to hit the person in the cones. The purpose of this drill is to get the skater in the cones to move around (duck, dodge, jump, etc.) I underestimate myself sometimes, so I was pleasantly surprised at how much this warmed me up to moving around a bit differently on skates than I’m used to.

The most fun part of the night (yes, even more fun than hobby horse racing) was Sock Derby! We simulated a roller derby bout off skates. This was the first time I had ever physically been in a roller derby bout scenario. In order to not confuse us newbies too much, the rules were a bit more loose than usual, but it gave us the ability to experience some game play strategy and push each other around. WOW...I was on cloud nine afterwards! I was exhausted but wanted to keep going. I am so appreciative of the veteran skaters who helped lead us and explain things (SO many rules). Sock Derby was the perfect crash course to introduce us to game play and give us a sneak peek of what’s to come. We have another all-levels practice coming up so I’m looking forward to what other shenanigans we can partake in!


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