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Well, here we go! This is my final wrap-up before assessments on March 19th. I unfortunately must miss the next practice due to a school event for my son. It’s also the final practice prior to

assessments so I’m stressing out a bit. I’ll be fine...I’ll be fine....

In addition to some wicked fun games of tag, our week 7 all-levels practice was a great overview of what’s to come on assessment day. Since I’m a Skate School Veteran (HA!), I

pretty much know what to expect, though I understand assessments will be slightly different this time around. I am relatively confident but will be sure to put in lots of practice at home. I’ll be spending the next several days focusing on practicing my crossovers and transitions in my basement, as well as ramping up my off-skates training. We often share workouts among each other, as well as share articles/videos from skaters elsewhere to give us ideas of what to work on to become better, stronger skaters. It’s exceptionally helpful to have such a great community for support!

Hopefully my next update will be oozing with excitement because I’ve graduated to Derby Basics! If not, I’ll keep pushing ahead because roller derby is the sport for me and I’m not going ANYWHERE!



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